The Tales of Hoffmann by Jacques Offenbach.

Thursday 30th May, Friday 31st May and Sunday 2nd June

Luther’s tavern in Munich is the setting in which the opera both begins and ends. At the start an audience has gathered to hear the poet Hoffman tell the stories of his three great love affairs, with each act, a different tale is told, yet all share the same ending rooted in tragedy.
Poor Hoffman falls for Olympia only to humiliatingly discover that she was not a beautiful woman but a man made mechanical doll.
He loses his heart to Antonia, who suffered from a mysterious illness which caused her to fall fatally ill from singing too much.
Hoffmann tries his luck with Giulietta, who scams him in return for riches and then abandons him.
Bereft, Hoffmann swears never to love again. However, will his one true love, who is omnipresent, appear at the tavern and rescue him from his decline?

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